Secure Payment:
Our online store is currently offering three (3) ways of payment.
The payment methods are listed below:

By bank transfer:
There is one (1) account number from Greek bank, to which each customer can deposit the money corresponding to the order
in order to start the company delivery process.

The client - depositor should take care to indicate clearly the name of the deposit,
otherwise you will be asked to send the proof by FAX to the company in order to provide the greatest possible
safety for the client and avoid any mistakes or omissions.

Pay by PayPal:
To provide greater security when paying by credit card use the service PAYPAL. The customer choosing payment via PayPal
is led to a secure page that is offered for this purpose in order to safely make a payment with his credit card.
The PayPal page is used to encrypt data and data requested by the client so as to minimize any risk.

Cash on delivery:
Choosing cash on delivery, we will begin the process and delivery of the product or products you have selected.
By selecting this payment method, you agree to pay the full amount of your order with the courier delivery of your space,
even if you change your mind for any reason.